VMware vRealize Operations Manager Installation Series – Part 2 – OVF-Deployment

Before you can deploy the OVF-Template you need to download it from myvmware.com or like i did from the VMUG Advantage OnTheHub website if you are a Advantage member.

Deploy the OVF-Template in your vCenter by selecting the file

Specify the virtual machines name and its target location

Select the destination cluster and/or host

Review the details

Check and accept the license agreement

Select the appropriate deployment size for the appliance

Since this a deployment in a homelab I did choose the “Extra Small” configuration to save some RAM and CPU. This is also a big difference from the vCenter-Deployment method described in Part 3 of this Installation Series where you don’t have that much options to choose from.

Select the storage for the appliance

Select a destination network

Customize the installation with your timezone and network details

Review the complete details and click “FINISH” to start the deployment

After a couple of minutes you will be presented with the “Welcome to vRealize Operations Manager Appliance” screen

Checkout Part 4 and Part 5 of this Installation Series for a tutorial on how to configure the vRealize Operations Manager Appliance after deployment.